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Bronze. Ideal for
low utilization.


Our Bronze Service is tailor-made for smaller practices and animal clinics where maintaining both the value of the machine and the quality of the image at a minimum of fixed costs is important.
This service concept includes the basic care of your CT, which is maintenance, upkeep and statutory safety inspections of the technical parts. As a contractual customer, you not only receive a 15% discount on service times. Since we know your equipment installation and all the necessary information is filed with us, you also benefit from faster problem solving.

  • Service as specified by the manufacturer
  • Monitoring and preventive replacement of wear and safety-related parts
  • Monitoring of image quality
  • Preventive measures to maintain quality and safety
  • Safety checks in accordance with all local laws and regulatories
  • Service and travel costs required for maintenance
  • 15% savings for technician hours and travel in the event of necessary service

Which level of support meets my needs?

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