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Pioneering for
veterinary medicine

There are many areas of application in veterinary medicine. You need the ability to quickly create images for your follow-on treatments, from bones to teeth and tendons, from foreign bodies to tumors and metastases. Because of the low number of examinations in this specific area, it is particularly important to keep your costs of using the most modern technology and associated technical service at a reasonable level.

Animal hospitals therefore profit not only from our years of experience in veterinary medicine, but also from our attractive pricing. We have developed the optimal concept for your practice: for your success, MEDSER is by your side with its expertise knowledge. And we also offer attractive prices for pre owned medical equipment such as our CT scanners, refurbished by MEDSER.

To implement the optimal concept for your practice, MEDSER Medical Services is by your side with advice and help. Take advantage of MEDSER's expertise for your long-lasting success.


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