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MEDSER Customer

It's no accident that our skills in the maintenance of SIEMENS® CT, the servicing of SIEMENS® CT and the repair of SIEMENS® CT are also in demand from customers outside Europe. Computed tomography is without a doubt one of the most demanding disciplines in modern medicine. Our focus on this equipment, and our thousands of service deployments have made us ever-more skilled to work faster and more efficient in this area.

“ ... same quality as Siemens® but more flexible and more economical.
J. R. , GE Medical Systems, Germany

„I´m really proud to count on such a prefessional team. Good job!“
A.A. 3M ESPE Digital Oral Care, Madrid, Spain

“Reliable, quick response time, responsible contact persons are directly available (without a hotline, for instance). Prices are okay.“
Dr. J. L., Germany

„I would like to thank you for the high level professional service support. You really made this customer happy!“
Dr. S. A., Sofia, Bulgaria


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