Always a decisive step ahead.

MEDSER is a German radiology technology company specialized
in the technical service and distribution of Siemens© CTs.

We operate globally: Devices supplied by us and maintained by our technicians are found in renowned university clinics and hospitals as well as in prestigious private practices around the world.

That our know-how is in demand even from customers outside
of Europe is of course no accident.

Computer tomography is without doubt one of the most demanding disciplines of modern medical engineering and it is our conscious specialization in these machines, together with thousands of service deployments, that has made us ever-more competent, efficient and fast over the years.

This extensive experience pays off for our customers – through the almost legendary speed of our emergency technical services, our informed advice and needs assessment in the acquisition of a CT system and our surprisingly favorable prices and financing solutions for example for refurbished CTs, to name just a few examples.